The Elm Hill Business Group and the Friends of Elm Hill were formally merged on the 20th March.

Who is currently on the committee?
Peter Bentley (Chair)
Jean Cummings
Diana Hyam (Secretary)
Mick Marsden
Christina Morris
Robert Stone
Pam Stuttaford

What are the aims of the Friends of Elm Hill?
• To look for opportunities to enhance and promote the environment and heritage of Elm Hill.
• To encourage a vibrant street by promoting business and encouraging visitors.
• To enhance Elm Hill Gardens in partnership with Norwich City Council for the benefit of visitors, residents and businesses.
• To adopt the churchyard at St Simon & St Jude and to maintain a community garden in partnership with Norwich City Council.
• To encourage suitable floral enhancement in Elm Hill.

What is the focus for the next two years?
• ‘To enhance and promote the environment and heritage of Elm Hill and encourage a vibrant street by promoting businesses and encouraging visitors’. Last August some Elm Hill residents and retailers contributed their ideas in support of these aims. The ideas were assessed, ranked, and an action list created - which is now the focus of your committee.

What has been achieved so far this year?
• Elm Hill Stories has been written by some residents and retailers and published as a free loan visitor guide – available at Olive’s and Britons Arms
• Art on the Cobbles starts behind the Crome Gallery the last Saturday in the months of May to September
• The Friends of Elm Hill website has been updated with stories, a video of the street and its shops and is being linked to Visit Norwich and HEART web sites.
• City Care has overcome the difficulty of mechanical sweeping of the cobbles and the street and pavements are now scheduled for regular cleaning.
• City Care has introduced a plan for the street drains to be unblocked.
• The yellow saltbox at St Andrews Hall has been repositioned out of sight from Elm Hill.
• HEART (Heritage, Economic And Regeneration Trust) have generously committed to providing two pictorial information boards at each end of the street.

Other work is in progress but currently constrained by a lack of volunteers!

If you would like to join download and print off a membership form below and post it to the address on the 'Contact' page.

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